I started using my Twitter account over the past couple of weeks and I’m still not sure I really understand it. It seems like it’s a good way to share things, but it’s only good if you have a lot of followers. Otherwise you’re largely talking to yourself. I had a good idea for something yesterday – tweeting ‘rules of the universe’. For example ‘Always let the Wookiee win’ or ‘It’s not eavesdropping if people are talking loudly’. Turns out that some rapper guy with over 50,000 followers had some vested interest in ‘rules of the universe’ (must be a song or an album or something) and was re-tweeting everything with that hashtag (he re-tweeted me without following me which I think is bad Twitter etiquette, I mean if you’re interested enough in something someone says it’s just politeness to follow them, however I think he was motivated by selfish means).

Anyway, so I clicked on the hashtag thing and there were loads of people who posted about ‘rules of the universe’ but they were just random tweets that had nothing to do with any rules. So I don’t see the point of hashtagging them as ‘rules of the universe’.

Apparently the best way to get followers is to search for people who have been tweeting about similar interests and follow them, and then hopefully they’ll follow you. But there’s an element of narcissism to follow someone just so they’ll follow you back.

So I still don’t really get Twitter but I suppose I’ll persevere.

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