30 Day Movie Challenge

Day 1 – Best Movie I Watched Last Year

Day 2 – A Movie I’ve Seen More Than Three Times

Day 3 – My Favourite Series

Day 4 – My Favourite Film From My Favourite Series

Day 5 – A Film That Makes Me Happy

Day 6 – A Film That Makes Me Sad

Day 7 – A Film That Makes Me Laugh

Day 8 – Most Overrated Film

Day 9 – A Film I Thought I Wouldn’t Like But Ended Up Loving

Day 10 – A Film That Reminds Me Of Home

Day 11 – A Film I Hated

Day 12 – A Film I Love & Hate At the Same Time

Day 13 – My Favourite Director

Day 14 – Book Turned into Movie and Completely Desecrated

Day 15 – Favourite Male Character

Day 16 – Favourite Female Character

Day 17 – Favourite Quote from my Favourite Movie

Day 18 – A Film that Disappointed Me

Day 19 – Favourite Book Turned Into a Movie

Day 20 – Favourite Romance Movie

Day 21 – The First Movie I Remember Watching

Day 22 – A Film that Makes me Cry

Day 23 – A Film I’ve Wanted to Watch for a Long Time But Still Haven’t

Day 24 – A Film I Wish More People Would Have Watched

Day 25 – A Character Who I Can Relate to the Most

Day 26 – A Film That Changed My Mind About Something

Day 27 – The Most Surprising Plot Twist or Ending

Day 28 – Favourite Title of a Movie

Day 29 – A Movie Everyone Hated but I Liked

Day 30 – My Favourite Movie


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