5 Movie Monsters

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Recently I wrote a post about five modern monsters. Weather you believe they are real or from the realm of folklore the thing I found fascinating about them was that you could pretty much trace their origins. Today I am going to go over five creatures whose fictitious origins are a given. Still we see their genesis and development from an idea to full fledge creatures from the land of nightmares. To me they are no less interesting than the supposedly real monsters, just because they are creatures in a movie.


The Predator.

Big Momma Big Momma isn’t happy then no one is happy.

Who’d a thunk that a 1987 sci-fi movie shot in Mexico would have produced two governors? (Schwarzenegger and Ventura) Or that it would have two sequels and two cross over movies with the alien xenomorphs, as well as a slew of comics, novels and video games.



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