Movie Review – Journey to Dinosaur Island (2014)

Director: Matt Drummond

Stars: Darius Williams, Kate Rasmussen

Lucas (Williams) is eager for adventure and soon finds himself stranded on a mysterious island with Kathryn (Rasmussen), who claims she’s from the 1950s. As they explore they discover all manner of strange creatures and objects from different time periods, including dinosaurs.

This film has a mighty rating of 3.5 on IMDB from 259 users and honestly I think it’s a little harsh on Journey to Dinosaur Island. As you may know I love dinosaurs and one thing I enjoyed about this one is that because it was made in 2014 it has dinosaurs with feathers, and there were a range of dinosaurs on display. I thought the effects were fairly well done, and there were cool plants and other animals on show as well. The acting was horrible, like, really painful and it’s a shame that the two actors had to carry the film on their own because I think it placed too much pressure on them and they simply weren’t up to the job. The plot was okay it’s nothing spectacular, and as a movie in its own right, and judging it against other movies it’s quite terrible in all honesty. I wouldn’t recommend watching this just for a pure enjoyment factor because it’s not good at all.

But I would recommend this to some people. I think for young people around 8-12 it’s actually a decent film because it is made with an educational bent, as there are lingering shots on the different animals and plants. It also has a lot of things from different eras to spark curiosity, and there’s a good moral at the heart of the story in that things need proof and we can’t accept things on blind faith. It’s dedicated to the scientific method and promotes critical thinking and using intelligence to find a way out of problems, so in that regard it does what it sets out to do. It’s quite colorful and the cheesy acting probably won’t be as much of a problem for people in that age group.

So I don’t think it deserves such a low rating because if its used in the right way it could actually do some good.


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